The ECOTECH ® building system has been designed and developed for use in all kind of climates, and in projects where specific requirements have to be met such as extreme heat and cold, humidity,  earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.


ECOTECH ®  System Properties

+    High fire-resistant (more than one hour)

+    Reliable construction / easy assembly

+    All weather resistant (heat, cold, dry, wet)

+    Quick erection (a house within 2 weeks!)

+    Earthquake resistant (up to 7.5 on R. scale)

+    Flexible system (extendable at any time)

+    Optimal hurricane and flood resistant

+    First floor can be added later

+    High grade impact resistant

+    Only sustainable raw materials are used

+    Excellent thermal insulation (heat and cold)

+    Long life-time, exceeding traditional building

+    Excellent sound insulation

+    Minimal maintenance

+    Extremely low energy consumption (heating and cooling)

+    Material surfaces easy to clean

+    No thermal siphoning or dew points

+    System suitable for all types of buildings

+    No asbestos and no CFC’s

+    Constant quality controlled production


 ECOTECH ® stands for “GREEN” (safe and environmentally friendly) products, manufactured in non-polluting factories and using non-hazardous raw materials.

    Avaliable thicknesses / R-values
















    Composition and finishing

        ECOTECH ® system walls standard are composed of 100mm thick standard elements. At all four short sides the  elements have a groove for assembly (interlocking) purpose. Special metal profiles (footers) are anchored onto the floor to install the elements. The elements are connected side-by-side, using steel profiles, fitting into the grooves. At the corners the same steel profiles are applied. On top, inside the elements' grooves, steel connecting profiles are used. The exterior walls can be finished with a spray-on, special, high quality weatherproof coating, providing an extremely tough and very durable finish, which needs minimal maintenance, or with any other basic exterior coating / paint. Inside, the walls can be sprayed with high quality interior types of coatings, whereas for all so-called "wet spaces" (toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, stores) the exterior quality coating can be used, or the walls can be tiled with ceramic tiles. Many other finishes are possible!

    Window system

    ECOTECH ® window frame system consist of a weather proof anodised aluminium frame (6063) that can be installed in several minutes and is perfectly adapted to our wall system providing a draft free well insulated window frame. The window frames are suitable for all weather conditions and all materials; aluminium, stainless-steel and high grade poly vinyl are highly weather-proof.            The slide windows are standard equipped with single glass and mosquito proof ventilation. Optional insolation glass (double glazing) and rolling shutters are possible.

    Window drawings




    In our factories we use the most advanced production methods, which guarantee a very precise manufacture of the components.



     Production press for PU foam injection