Globeco International was established in 1997 in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, by Jan Verhoef (our Managing Director). He has been active in international trade since 1965, and has specialised in affordable, quick-building systems from 1974. All the know-how and experience over more than 30 years, in this specific field, has been incorporated into Globeco International BV.


Together with Canadian partners, Jan Verhoef established Globeco Canada Inc., in Canada, in 1995, a production facility for building elements for certain regions of the American continent.


During 2006 a large ECOTECH ® production facility was established in Turkey, being fully operative from 2007. 




Setting up production facilities in other regions of the world are planned for the near future, including one in Côte d’Ivoire, by Globeco (West) Africa, as a central location for the African markets.


Activities / Operation


All world-wide marketing activities are executed from The Netherlands, while the production takes place in the Canadian and Turkish factories.


Sales are effected in many countries in Africa, Asia, North-, Central- and South America via own regional offices and / or local representatives.



Products / Technology


Pre-engineered building components are used for Globeco's own ECOTECH ® building system and for any other type of construction method. The range of building components consists of unique, structural insulated building elements (sandwich wall-, ceiling-, roof- & floor panels) for housing and other buildings.


We use the most advanced production methods, which guarantee a very precise manufacture of the components.



The ECOTECH ® building system offers a very easy assembly of buildings, quick and reliable construction and durability, comparable to or better than, quality traditional constructions.




The ECOTECH ® building components and complete buildings are supplied to contractors for the social housing market (large numbers), for government (housing) projects (new and renovation sectors) However the ECOTECH ® system can be easily adapted for luxury and more complicated houses (smaller numbers). Also applicable in more story buildings and as outside cover for steel constructions.

Ecotech ®

The building system and its components are produced and marketed under our registered/protected ECOTECH ® Building Systems trademark.


Excellent quality, combined with an affordable price level, has built a strong brand image.  ECOTECH ®  stands for "green" (safe and environmentally friendly) products, manufactured in non-polluting plants and using non-hazardous raw materials.

Design Service

Almost every design can be adapted to our ECOTECH ® building System. Our calculation and acad drawing department can advise you to change your project into a sound, well insulated and quick to erect ECOTECH ®  project.


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