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It is a pleasure to introduce our company as the producer and world-wide marketer of the Ecotech ® pre-engineered building components and production facilities.  Ecotech ® is applied for quick and reliable construction of attractive homes and many other types of buildings. Our patented production facilities can be set up  locally for lage scale Ecotech ® building projects.


The Ecotech ® building system has been designed and developed for use in all kinds of climates and in projects where specific requirements have to be met, such as extreme heat and cold, humidity, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.


Ecotech ® stands for “GREEN” (safe and environmentally friendly) products, manufactured in non-polluting factories and using non-hazardous raw materials.


Ecotech ® Production facility Turkey

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ECOTECH ® unique structural insulated building elements (galvanised steel)



ECOTECH ® unique SIBE production method


Globeco International BV offices and warehouse


ECOTECH ® production facility



ECOTECH ® unique structural insulated building elements (corner)